My grandfather used to pack parachutes for the Royal Air Force at one stage in his service during the Second […]

At the end of this month, my time as a consulting engineer working in the building industry is coming to […]

I want to remind you first of my over-arching disclaimer to all of my discussions about self-defence. The goal of […]

Over the years that we have run our martial arts centre here in Australia, we’ve had inquiries from various people […]

​I wanted to call this article: “Is an unarmed, trained martial arts master/combat professional/self-defence expert as lethal as an average […]

The hero of the story suddenly stops in his tracks. He lowers his fully-automatic rifle, his usually stoic emotionless face […]

There were two news stories which caught my attention this morning. I thought I’d share them with you. ​ The […]

When I first started studying and training Kung Fu, my very good friends didn’t miss the opportunity to make sure […]

There are some hilarious videos on Youtube which capture people trying to do physical training in weird and wonderful ways. […]

When we talk about training for self-defence or combat, we often talk about cross-training because of the unpredictable nature of […]