The Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre was founded in South Africa in 1986 by Si Fu Marco Kavalieratos with a focus on teaching traditional styles of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Gung. CMAHC Australia launched in 2006 when Lester Walters, a senior student of Si Fu Marco moved to Australia and settled on a property just outside of Toowoomba, QLD. Lester and his wife and fellow martial artist Sherrilyn spent the next few years developing their family property and martial arts school into an idyllic traditional martial arts training facility.

Our School Family

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Our Systems

At our Centres we teach both Northern Shaolin and Hong Family Fist Styles. Collectively these methods are taught concurrently and are referred to as the Chang Hong system as taught by Master Chen Ching Ho of Taipei, Taiwan. Both of these styles have a long history and are well known and practiced throughout the world.

Chang Chuan

This style includes a wide variety of barehand and classical weapons in its training. In this style the postures are open and wide with a lot of emphasis on legwork and kicking. This style has been heavily influenced by the Nanking Central Martial Arts Institute that was founded in 1928 with the purpose of consolidating and promoting traditional styles of Chinese Kung Fu. There are ten barehanded forms, which include various animal forms. The weapons used in Northern Shaolin Long Fist are staff, saber, straight sword, spear and include double (two-man) sets.

Hong Chuan

This is another Shaolin based style. It is perhaps the most well known style of the five main styles that originated in Southern China. It is famous for its widely varying arm techniques which are expressed in its animal imitation movements. Among its many animal styles, the Hong Quan methods concentrate on Tiger, Crane, Snake, Leopard and Dragon styles. Hong Quan’s weapon forms include the staff, sabre  straight sword and spear and also have many unique weapons such as the halberd, iron forks, fan and umbrella. 

Yang Taiji Chuan

Yang Style is the most popular and widely practiced Tai Chi style world wide. The Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre teaches a selection of both the modern short Yang Style forms and the traditional long form. Tai Chi is a powerful exercise for improving health and well being, but it is primarily a highly effective martial arts system focusing on sensing and applying the subtle nuances of internal energy flow and power generation. This takes many years to understand and apply, and Tai Chi is often best taught with Kung Fu for the student to gain an effective combat response in a shorter time frame.


Si Fu Marco Kavalieratos
Head/Founder of the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia

Master Chen Ching Ho
Si Fu Marco’s teacher and Founder of Chang Hong WuShu

Sifu Christian Hanche
​Head of Tai Chi at the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia

CMAHC Australia Instructors

Instructors Lester and Sherrilyn Walters
Si Fu Lester Walters

Lester is the Head Instructor of the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia. Before moving to Australia he trained for many years under Si Fu Marco at the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre in Cape Town. Coming from a background of electrical engineering, Lester felt compelled to turn to teaching Kung Fu upon arriving in Australia because of his love for the system. He continues to travel back to South Africa and Taiwan regularly to continue his personal training in the system under Si Fu Marco. He studies and teaches both the Kung Fu systems of Shaolin Northern Long Fist (Chang Chuan) and Hong Family Fist (Hong Chuan). Lester is a Government Certified Martial Arts Coach with a Certificate III in Martial Arts Coaching from the Australian College of Sports Development. In addition, Lester continues to work in Electrical Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland with a Masters in Engineering Practice from the University of Southern Queensland.

Lester was given the title of SiFu by SiGung Marco Kavalieratos in 2017 when SiGung Marco and SiFu Christian Hanche visited the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia.

Si Jeh Sherrilyn Walters

Sherrilyn Walters is the head instructor of Tai Chi at the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia and also teaches the Chang Hong Kung Fu System. Coming from a background in animal science and classical dressage, with a Bachelor’s degree in animal science, Sherrilyn entered the martial arts world in 2003 and has been an avid student ever since. Sherrilyn trains in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan under Si Fu Christian Hanche at the Cape Town branch of the CMAHC and studies both the Chang Chuan and Hong Chuan Kung Fu systems. Sherrilyn travels back to South Africa and Taiwan regularly to continue her personal training in both Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Sherrilyn completed a Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching from the University of Queensland in 2017.

Our Centre

The Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia can be found nestled in the beautiful Flagstone Creek Valley, just outside of the regional city of Toowoomba, the second largest inland city in Australia. The centre is located on a 40 acre property, and features a dedicated school building with indoor and outdoor training areas, traditional training equipment, bushwalking, meditation and camping areas.