Primary and Secondary School Tutoring and Piano Tuition @ CMAHC Australia

Highly qualified primary and secondary school teachers are available for tutoring services at the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia, in Upper Flagstone, near Toowoomba, QLD. Our teachers are specialists in the areas of Maths, Science and Music.
Tutoring Fees: 
Piano Lessons – $25 per half hour
Tutoring – $50 per hour
Our Teachers
Dr. Rodger Jones
Rodger is a highly experienced teacher with a background in both secondary and tertiary education. Rodger’s passion for and understanding of the maths and sciences is clear in his teaching, and he has helped many students discover their own love for maths and science.

  • Rodger specialises in tutoring high school Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  • Many years of teaching experience in secondary and tertiary education around the world including 7 years teaching the Queensland Curriculum.
  • PhD in Environmental Science, Masters in Radiation Science.
  • Worked as head of school/dean in a number of universities and capacities.
Dr. Jennifer Jones
Jennifer is a highly experienced and patient music and primary school teacher specialising in piano tuition, music theory and primary education.​

  • Doctorate in Music and Missiology, Masters in Ethnomusicology
  • Licentiate from Trinity College, London
  • Bachelor of Arts majoring in education and the history of music. She has authored 2 books in her field.
Mrs. Carol Walters
Carol is a highly experienced teacher with a passion for teaching mathematics to children of all ages. 

  • Carol specialises in tutoring Grades 1-10 in mathematics.
  • 40+ years of experience teaching mathematics in classroom and one-on-one settings to children of all ages.
  • Bachelor of Science, Diploma of Teaching.
  • Worked as a school principal for 10 years.

Carol Walters

Rodger and Jennifer Jones

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