Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Admission and Membership
All new students are to undergo an interview before joining a class. The instructor/s of the CMAHC Australia reserve the right to refuse admission or further instruction to any student at their own discretion. Membership of the CMAHC Australia is a privilege and may be revoked at any point during a student’s career at the discretion of the instructor/s.

General etiquette
Greet seniors first and if you are sitting, stand up to greet. Always greet properly and courteously. When seeing seniors outside the school, it is not necessary to officially greet them, a casual greeting is acceptable. Always show respect to fellow classmates and juniors. Respect works both ways, you only receive what you are prepared to put in.

Do not touch/play with weapons around the school. Weapons are used only for training. Do not use a weapon in class without prior permission from your instructor/s.
Sloppiness and lack of concern are not hallmarks of a good martial artist. This applies not only to classes or practicing techniques but to everyday life as well. Our system is particularly demanding in terms of accuracy and focus. There is no room for a lazy attitude.

Be patient, humble and disciplined as you are a representative of the school. Any unnecessary fighting or boastfulness could result in suspension.

Students are encouraged to attend every class as the continuity of attendance is important:

  1. For developing personal discipline.
  1. For continued physical fitness/flexibility/strength development.
  2. Since most classes will build on the accumulated knowledge from previous classes.

It is impossible to adequately prepare you to face a broad range of encounters if you are only prepared to attend one or two lessons. Even the simplest techniques will never be mastered without perseverance and repetition.

Please inform your teachers prior to the lesson time if you are unable to attend a class due to ill health or other extenuating circumstances. Failure to excuse yourself may count against you in your next grading.

Be on time for class. If you are late for class, wait just inside the training area in Ma Bu (wide horse) until your instructor signals for you to enter the class.

Conduct before/after classes
Do not lean against the walls or put feet on furniture while in the school. Always ensure good hygiene. Smoking, alcohol or drugs are not permitted in the school. Chewing gum is not allowed.

Conduct in class
Martial arts and Kung Fu are serious physical disciplines with serious applications. The repercussions for not exactly following the teacher’s instructions could be serious as well and may endanger your health and safety and/or the health and safety of your fellow students. With this in mind, if you refuse to follow instructions issued by your teacher, you may be removed from that particular class for the duration of the lesson without refund. If you continue to ignore instructions given in any subsequent classes, you may be permanently excluded from participation in classes and your membership in CMAHC Australia may be revoked.

Personal discipline is extremely important in the development of any martial artist and this quality extends to respect for your teacher. Lack of respect compromises class structure for everyone concerned. Lack of respect and general misbehaviour have absolutely no place in Kung Fu and will not be tolerated. Misbehaviour may result in your suspension from a particular class without refund and if repeated in subsequent classes may result in a loss of your membership in CMAHC Australia.

Talking out of turn while a class is in session or while an instructor is talking is considered bad manners and may result in disciplinary action.

Guard the integrity of the system
Do not teach what you have been taught or spar/fight with anyone outside of the system/school. Sparring is only permitted within classes under the supervision of an instructor.

As a member of CMAHC Australia, you are a representative of a very powerful, ancient and authentic lineage. To maintain the integrity of the system, it is important that our knowledge is passed down correctly by qualified instructors in our system only. If someone from outside our system expresses interest in learning more, refer them to your instructor/s.

Guard the integrity of the curriculum
The curriculum represents the proper progression of a student through the various levels of the system. Seniors must not interfere with the curriculum by teaching senior techniques to juniors or practicing the techniques in front of them.

Juniors are not to watch senior classes training. Any visitor who wishes to watch a class may do so only with prior permission from the instructor/s.

Ensure that you are in full school uniform. The uniform should be worn with pride and must be clean and neat. Do not wear your sash if you are not in full school uniform. The T-shirt and school uniform must not be worn casually outside of the school. When coming to training or leaving class, ensure that your T-shirt is covered by another garment.

Training shoes must only be worn for training. On leaving the school, training shoes should be removed and other shoes should be worn.
All jewelry and watches should be removed before class.

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that fees are paid when they are due. Payment is due on a per class basis or monthly by the 7th of each month.

If you are experiencing difficulties in meeting the cost of lessons but would like to continue, please speak to your instructors to come to another arrangement. Your instructors are sympathetic to those who are experiencing financial difficulties.