​Self Defence Workshop – Sunday 22nd of April, 11am – 2pm

Join us for a three hour Self Defence workshop with a light lunch included at our martial arts centre in the beautiful Upper Flagstone Valley on the edge of Toowoomba.

With over four decades of combined experience in the practice and coaching of martial arts, self-defence and physical culture, Lester and Sherrilyn Walters will be presenting a workshop covering applications and principals from the first level of the Tactical Kung Fu Training (TKT) Self Defence system. TKT is a no-nonsense, practical self-defence system based on the internal principles of traditional Kung Fu, focusing on unarmed, knife and gun defence where a competent self-defence response is gained in a relatively short time. TKT was developed in South Africa and has proved it’s effectiveness in some of the most dangerous locations in the world.

This workshop is the second workshop in our four part self defence program, following on from the Introduction to Self Defence workshop. This workshop is open to everyone, even those who have not attended one of our Introduction to Self Defence workshops, and delves more deeply into practical simple techniques that form the basis of the TKT system.

All welcome – Attendance of the Introduction to Self Defence workshop is not required to attend this workshop. If you have not attended an Introduction to Self Defence workshop, we will encourage you to attend the Introductory workshop at a later stage to ensure that you are gaining the full benefit of the program.

Our comprehensive self defence program is realistic and effective, covering many aspects of self-defence that are not usually included in other self-defence programs. The course includes not only physical aspects of self-defence including stability, defence, movement, power generation, targeting and strategy, but psychological and mental aspects that are essential to survival including awareness, self-worth, focused aggression, control and preparation. 

This program is centered around providing participants with the opportunity to develop true power which comes from having the freedom to choose. Learning to defend yourself, and most importantly adopting the mindset of someone who is prepared to defend themselves, gives you the freedom to choose. Over time, you will learn to take full control of yourself. You will learn to be under your own control and not the control of another, whether that ‘other’ is an abusive partner, a self-destructive alter-ego or the giant corporations who are trying to sell you stuff. You will learn to make your own choices about what happens to you. You will learn to take control of the situation. To determine the outcome.

Sherrilyn Walters is a highly qualified traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi instructor with 15 years of martial arts experience and a Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching from the University of Queensland.

Lester Walters is the highest ranked instructor in our system of Kung Fu in Australia, and one of only a handful of instructors to be awarded the title of SiFu in our system in the world. Lester has over 30 years of experience in martial arts and physical culture, and specialises in the application of traditional martial arts for self defence.

Time: Sunday the 22nd of April, 11am – 2pm

Investment: $50 per person. Payment required to confirm booking. Bookings close: 18th of April.

Spaces are limited to 16 people to ensure that we are able to provide adequate personal attention to each participant. We require a minimum of 10 confirmed bookings in order to run this course.


Mini Retreat by Yoga Bhava and CMAHC Australia – Sunday, April 29: 10 AM – 1:30 PM

This retreat is suitable and designed for anyone and everyone, male or female, beginners or more experienced practitioners. Perfect refresher for the busy person, take a couple of hours to refresh and treat yourself.


45 minute Yin Yoga class
45 minute Hula Hooping workshop (hoop provided)
45 Minute Tai Chi Class
30 min Yoga Nidra (full body guided meditation) 
A Give love necklace (Valued at $20 alone)
Fruit platter, tea and water. 

Yoga and Hula Hooping by Aleea from Yoga Bhava, Tai Chi by Sherrilyn from the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia.

$50 per person. Spaces are limited, pre-booking is essential.