You cannot acquire the self-defence survival mind-set in comfort. Step way outside of your comfort zone and experience a martial training tour in South Africa. Hone your self-defence instincts walking its uncompromising streets under the watchful eye of your instructors. Train in the intensity of the South African CMAHC schools under dedicated martial artists and self-defence specialists. Explore the awe-inspiring primal beauty and amazing wildlife of the South African bush. Experience what it’s like to be on the food chain. You will come back richer than when you left.


Overall, the South African trip was an absolutely amazing experience. We saw and did so much in just two whole weeks. From visiting, hiking and driving through private game reserves to viewing traditional dance and getting up close to the African wildlife. It has been one of the best experiences of my life.

The experience we gained through the CMAHC system in South Africa was unlike anything attainable in countries like Australia. Being constantly surrounded and guided by senior students offered so many opportunities to learn and improve on training aspects such as sparring. Being taught in so many different ways by so many different instructors was priceless and incredibly beneficial. Sometimes certain things don’t click for everyone so having people explain similar concepts but in different ways really improved my understanding of the system and the techniques we use.

The most notable part of the trip was the difference in lifestyle and behaviour between Australians and South Africans. People living in South Africa have to maintain a much higher level of awareness within there day to day life because of the danger and crime they constantly face. People walking through the streets in Africa are trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Waiting around or not paying attention to what is happening doesn’t have much room to exist in South Africa.

Our instructors, Si Fu Lester and Si Jeh Sherrilyn provided our school with such an excellent and extraordinary experience. Everything from accommodation to our training schedule and tourist based activities was exceptionally planned. We experienced and learned so much through our training and travelling and made priceless friendships and connections within our South African school. I look forward to returning in the future.

For me our club’s trip to South Africa was most beneficial to my training via the exposure to the broader school’s students.

From the first session meeting and training with such a large group of dedicated students deepened my own appreciation for our art form. Having the opportunity to experience and discuss different perspectives is something that has fundamentally changed how I consider Kung Fu.

This, combined with the intensity of the training, highlighted to me not only the need for hard training but the fundamental importance of refining my martial skill. As result of the trip I have revised my own training goals and reassessed the urgency and intensity of my practice.

The sense of fellowship and dedication to martial arts I experienced has added a dimension to my Kung Fu journey that I will always value and appreciate.

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