Ladies Only Introduction to Self Defence – 5 session course

Self Defence courses for women by highly qualified female self defence instructor.

Our world is changing. Rising levels of violent crime, crippling uncertainty, increasing political tensions, financial insecurity. It may be time for you to learn how to look after yourself. This course offers women a practical, honest, effective and easy to learn self-defence program run by a world class female martial arts instructor. This course forms an introduction to Tactical Kung Fu Training (TKT), a no-nonsense self defence system developed in South Africa which has proved it’s effectiveness in some of the most dangerous locations in the world.

The course:

With over four decades of combined experience in the practice and coaching of martial arts, self-defence and physical culture, Lester and Sherrilyn Walters developed this program specifically for ladies because of the severe deficiencies that they identified in effective self-defence training for women. The program is realistic and effective, covering many aspects of self-defence that are not usually included in other self-defence programs. The course includes not only physical aspects of self-defence including stability, defence, movement, power generation, targeting and strategy, but psychological and mental aspects that are essential to survival including awareness, self-worth, focused aggression, control and preparation.


These classes are taught by Sherrilyn Walters, who is a highly qualified traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi instructor with over 18 years of martial arts experience. Sherrilyn has achieved Purple T-Shirt level, which is the highest graded level in the Chang Hong Kung Fu system as taught at the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre. Sherrilyn has a Graduate Certificate from the University of Queensland in Sports Coaching and a Masters of Science (Research) in Sports and Exercise in the area of martial arts through the University of Southern Queensland. Sherrilyn is currently completing her PhD in Sports and Exercise Science through the University of Southern Queensland on the effects of martial arts based breath control training on force production and heavy load carriage performance.


This course will start with an online theory component followed by 5 intensive 2-hour practical sessions on Sundays from 3:00-5:00 pm.


$150 – Full payment is required to secure your place.

Refunds will be provided only in the event that the course has to be cancelled due to COVID-19 lock-down requirements.

Limited spaces available.


CMAHC Australia, 1859 Flagstone Creek Road, Upper Flagstone, QLD (10 minutes from Toowoomba)

All ladies and girls welcome, bring a water bottle and comfortable clothing and footwear.

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Next Course: To Be Announced

To book your place, click on the button below, select the starting date of the course on the calendar, and follow the instructions to book. The cost for the course is $150 for 5 two-hour sessions:

I was travelling through Toowoomba in Nov 2017 and stumbled over Sherrilyn’s self defence course.
It was such a refreshing approach, learning not only the techniques, but also sharpening the own mindset.
This self defence class is a safe space for us women to learn how to avoid and handle dangerous situations. Sherrilyn’s patient, calm and loving nature adds to the joyful experience.
Since I wanted more of it in the short time I had in town, I even followed Sherrilyn to other (mixed) classes in her center.
Ever since leaving Toowoomba I am searching for anything at least similar to this self defence experience, but so far haven’t found anything even close to it. Only one solution here: coming back to Toowoomba 😉
Thanks Sherrilyn for sharing your gifts with us. It does make a difference!

I’m attending the current Women’s Self Defence Class, now halfway though & finding it has exceeded my expectations. Initially my hope was this would assist in regaining my confidence in driving my car & some self protection skills. Ì can feel myself getting stronger in both mind & body, with some confident self-esteem & awareness..i.e.unexpected favourable extras! I’m a diagnosed major depressive, so I’m very pleasantly surprised these weekly sessions with Sherrilyn are making a positive difference. Thank you Sherrilyn & team mates as well…also enjoy the odd laugh or two @ our initial wobbly attempts 💋👏💜

Female Self Defence Instructor
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