At the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia, we offer a fun kids program developed specifically for children aged 5-12 years, built on a strong traditional Kung Fu foundation. This program helps children develop fitness, flexibility, balance, coordination, confidence, self-control and discipline.
Location: 1859 Flagstone Creek Road, Upper Flagstone (10 minutes from Rangeville/Middle Ridge, Toowoomba).
Times: Mondays and Thursdays – 4:30-5:15pm, during school term times.
Cost: $200 per term (family discounts available).
• Does my child need a uniform or any other gear to start?
You won’t require uniforms until after your child’s first grading, which occurs roughly 2-3 months after they start training. Before their first grading, your child can wear any comfortable sports/exercise clothing and footwear.
• Do you offer a free trial class?
A no obligation free trial class is offered for all students so that your child has an opportunity to try out a class before committing to training for the term.
• Can we join part of the way through the term?
Students are welcome to join at any time. Fees are calculated according to how many weeks are left in the term.
• Do classes run during school holidays or public holidays?
Kids Kung Fu classes only run during the school term and do not run on public holidays or school holidays.
• Do your fees vary depending on the number of classes in a term?
Our fees are $200 per term and are calculated based on an average number of sessions in a term rather than the exact number of sessions in each term as this may vary due to public holidays and the duration of the term.
• How are your classes affected by COVID-19?
The Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia follows an industry approved COVID Safe plan in all of their classes. If a lockdown occurs due to COVID-19, classes will continue on an online basis via their Webex Online Training Platform (accessible via PC or mobile devices).
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