Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley’s Centre for Traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Welcome to the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia. We are part of a growing family of schools worldwide dedicated to researching, promoting and preserving the essence of traditional wushu in the comprehensive system of Chang Hong WuShu, founded by Master Chen Ching-Ho.

Master Chen believed that in order for a system to be complete, it should contain all four of the following aspects of wushu, which are the pillars on which our training is built:

Martial Philosophy

The indefinable, intangible and elusive essence of true martial arts. It cannot be captured in a theory, explained or written on paper. It is like the life force, constantly changing, evolving and reaching for something even more indefinable.  


Martial Concepts

Theories that define the central principals of attack, defence, power generation, mental and physical stability and more. This includes concepts such as Dantian, Central Vertical Axis and Elimination of Colliding Forces.


Forms Practice

The textbooks and training tools of our system. The mindful and correct practice of forms ensures the evolution of a student’s combat effectiveness, efficiency and power of movement.​​


Martial Application

Direct application of martial techniques in sparring and through the use of training tools such as sand bags and iron dummy training to improve combat response, force manipulation and power delivery.​


Our centre is located on a 40-acre property on the doorstep of Toowoomba, QLD and features dedicated indoor and outdoor training areas ideal for traditional martial arts classes and seminars. Our classes include Kung Fu (Chang Chuan and Hong Chuan), Tai Chi (Yang Style), QiGong, Yoga and Meditation sessions as well as tailor made combat oriented fitness and self-defence programs. We also offer an idea venue for corporate team building days and retreats for businesses and other groups.

Our two highly qualified head instructors have over 35 years of martial arts experience between them and a background in science and engineering, providing a learning environment that combines a wealth of ancient knowledge and tradition with modern scientific understanding.