Welcome to the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia. We are part of a growing family of schools worldwide dedicated to researching, promoting and preserving the essence of traditional wushu in the comprehensive system of Chang Hong WuShu, founded by Master Chen Ching-Ho.

Intense Training

We believe that internal training without hard physical training or combat application is not useful to someone who is interested in preparing for physical confrontations that may occur in real life. Our training follows the old ways of intense physical and mental conditioning combined with powerful internal training methods to create a superior combatant.

At our Centres we teach both Northern Shaolin and Hong Family Fist Styles. Collectively these methods are taught concurrently and are referred to as the Chang Hong system as taught by Master Chen Ching Ho of Taipei, Taiwan. Both of these styles have a long history and are well known and practiced throughout the world.

Traditional Systems

Self Defence

Our programs combine the martial DNA of the Chang Hong system with old South African special forces fighting mindset and techniques. Both of the CMAHC Australia head instructors were born, lived and were trained in South Africa by some of the most skilled and deadly self-defence specialists in the world. They have real-world experience in the application of self-defence to protect both themselves and others in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Potential students should be serious about the application of self-defence principles and keen to understand the realities of surviving a real physical confrontation.

The world of martial arts is full of showmen who make claims which they cannot substantiate. At the CMAHC Australia, we firmly believe that talk is cheap. We are not only prepared to prove any claim that we make about our system's power and effectiveness, we are actively doing just that.

In addition to our traditional training and teaching activities, we host the Martial Arts Research and Testing Laboratory (MARTEL) which is a cutting-edge scientific research laboratory dedicated to investigating and measuring all aspects of martial arts and combat training performance. Whether it's proving that Chang Hong practitioners can strike as hard, or harder than, Olympic super-heavyweight boxers or proving that our internal training can amplify a practitioner's raw physical strength well past what would be expected, we are out there doing it.

Through collaboration with MARTEL, the CMAHC Australia offers state-of-the-art facilities and test procedures to our students to measure, track and improve all of their Key Martial Performance Indicators.


A prospective student must successfully sit an interview with our head instructor before being accepted as a probationary member of our system. What do we look for in a prospective student? Find out more on our next page.

If your values are co-linear with our own and you are interested in training with us, contact us to book your interview and begin your journey.

Student Testimonials

The best combat system I have found with the most effective approach towards self defence. I would highly encourage anybody looking to gain hands on experience in this discipline to consider training with CMAHC.

Extremely knowledgeable teachers with priceless experience and training.


I love the care taken by Sherrilyn Walters when i started my lessons. Sherrilyn was always attentive to every detail and made such a difference to my learning a new skill. I highly recommend them.


Training here has changed my life so much it has taught me to rise to challenges through the traing I have received. The school has taught me that my body and mind and spirit can be pushed further than I thought to all those who are skeptical about this martial art should give a go and who knows you might enjoy it.


5 stars

As a person with medical and physical limitations I’ve found my training to be adaptable and achievable as well as beneficial to my conditions.

I love that the teachers are genuinely interested in helping their students improve themselves at their own pace. The teachers are also very honest in their feedback which helps me to develop my capabilities.

Thank you for helping me!


Amazing team, amazing classes and energy. Everyone needs to experience this centre.


Had a great teaser session today at @CanvasCoworkInc. Great to break up the day and get out of my chair and head:) thank you both for sharing your techniques.


Having trained for many years in other Martial Arts I found the teachers, students and school as a whole a great experience and I highly recommend you join. Enjoy finding your inner self in this school.


The most professional and yet the most friendly people I have met.
The system is traditional but alive


Always a great experience participating in the classes with a great group of people and very experienced and down to earth trainers.


Absolutely AMAZING people ! Beautiful serene atmosphere, everyone is friendly.

Very approachable with questions you may have to help in any way possible with your training

In general a very well organized , fun , happy yet professional school of Traditional Martial Arts

Highly recommended


I’ve not had a training experience like this before. Traditional applied in a manner which makes sense. The team are highly skilled, highly capable and extremely knowledgeable in every area relating to martial arts. I highly recommend anyone looking for a truly life changing experience to check this school out.


Training with CMAHCA is great! Wonderful instructors who pay great attention to detail and technique while not skimping on the physical challenges involved in Kung-fu. I couldn’t see my self learning this style from anyone else.


Fantastic system and instructors. Through this school (in which I will be returning once my finances improve) I have picked up valuable conflict resolution techniques which I have used on a few occasions in my daily life. Through this school I have also developed the mindset to not give up when things get tough. I highly recommend CMAHCA to anyone looking for a Martial Arts system where the teachings have real world applications.


Studying here is a life-altering experience. It affects and improves nearly every other aspect in life because of what you learn about yourself and how to control your mind and body. And not just in physical ability (though that improves to near paranormal levels), but also in dealing with life’s stresses, having confidence in yourself, and learning to overcome each mental or emotional challenge you are faced with to achieve peace.